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Phase Linear History
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Phase Linear Components  

Phase Linear offered a number of other components other than amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and speakers. (When speaker information and photos are available, I will add them to the website). The line expanded considerably after Pioneer purchased Phase Linear. Here are a few of the lesser known Phase Linear components.

Model 1000 Autocorrelator Noise Reduction System


The Phase Linear 1000 Autocorrelator Noise Reduction & Dynamic Range Recovery System was a stand-alone component. It was introduced in the mid-1970s to complement pre-amplifiers that did not have this circuitry.

Model 1000 Series Two Noise Reduction System

The model 1000 Series Two was introduced in 1978, replacing the original 1000.

Model 1100 Series Two Equalizer

The model 1100 Series Two Equalizer, designed by Phase Linear engineer Dennis Bohn, was introduced in 1979.  Phase Linear wanted to market a high-end equalizer, and the 1100 Series Two was definite that!  It had a list price of nearly $600. It was offered in 1980 and 1981. In 1981 the model 1400 Equalizer, with ten bands per channel, was introduced.

Model 1200 Series Two Real Time Analyzer

The model 1200 Series Two Real Time Analyzer was a fascinating but rarely seen Phase Linear component. It analyzed actual frequencies of various audio inputs. The frequencies were registered on the LED bank on the left front of the panel. There was even a microphone input jack on the front panel.

Model 1300 Audio Visual Noise Reduction System

The 1300 AV Noise Reduction System was part of the Series Two line of components Phase Linear designed in the late 1970s. It was designed to be used with both pre-recorded audio tapes and video tapes. Tape hiss was the target of this component.

Model 1400 Series Two Equalizer

The Model 1400 Series Two Equalizer, also a Dennis Bohn design, entered the market in 1981. It had ten frequency bands per channel capable of adjustment and having a boost/cut range of 14 dB for each band. It lacked a few of the features of the higher priced 1100, and had a two-inch lower profile compared to the 1100.

Model 6000 Audio Delay Series Two

For the Phase Linear audiophile, there was no shortage of equipment to supplement his amplifier and preamplifier in the late 1970s. Among the components that could be added to the system was this Model 6000 Audio Delay Series Two. This was an A. P. Van Meter design. Varying degrees of delay could be selected. This component was also the choice of rock and jazz bands for use in live concerts.

Model 7000 Series Two Cassette Deck


The 7000 Series Two Cassette Deck was introduced in 1979. It reflected the diversification parent company Pioneer Electronic Corporation wanted to take Phase Linear in the high end audio component market. This machine was based on Pioneer's CT-A1 cassette deck, which was not sold in the United States. It listed for a substantial $1350. and weighed 38 pounds.

Model 8000 Turntable

Photo: courtesy hifinut1 on eBay

Phase Linear never offered a turntable until Pioneer acquired the company in the late seventies. It was a direct drive design with a linear tracking tone arm, based on Pioneer's own PL-L1000 turntable. It was manufactured from 1979 through 1983.

Model 9500 CD Player

The Phase Linear 9500 CD player is perhaps the rarest of all the company's components. It was actually designed a built by Kyocera of Japan and was introduced to the American market in mid-1983.  Kyocera used its DA-01 CD player as the basis for the 9500, with specific changes requested by Phase Linear. Months after the 9500 was introduced, International Jensen, the parent company of Phase Linear, made the decision to get out of the high-end home audio market and concentrate on car stereos.

Model 220 Decoder

The 220 Decoder was designed primarily for noise reduction on older analog sound Laserdiscs with CX encoding recordings. It removed 20dB of surface noise and provided 85dB of dynamic range, and featured full tape monitoring capability.

Model X20 Crossover

The X20 2-channel active crossover was rack mounted and measured  1 3/4" high. Inputs and outputs on the back were 1/4" jacks, unbalanced. A and B inputs with high and low pass outputs. Input levels and each output level was adjustable. There were two overload indicators. Switchable crossover points were in the following frequencies (Hz): 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1K, 1.2K .

Model 180 Dimensional Sonic Localizer

The Model Dimensional Sonic Localizer had essentially the same circuit as the "Ambience" circuit in the 2000 preamp. It put a variable amount of L-R on one channel and L+R on the other. The front of the unit stated it was the Dimensional Sonic Locator Model 180 while the back stated Model 180 Sound Imager. Thanks to Terry Pennington at RANE Corporation for this information.

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