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Phase Linear History
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Phase Linear Speakers  
Andromeda   P Series

P Series Loudspeaker System

After the purchase of Phase Linear by Pioneer, the Phase Linear product line expanded. This photo from a Phase Linear brochure from 1980 shows the addition of the Pioneer-based 8000 turntable and the new P-series loudspeakers. 

Terry Pennington was a long-time employee of Phase Linear and helped to engineer many of the company's components. When Pioneer bought Phase Linear, he also worked on the speaker designs based on an exclusive line of speakers Pioneer sold only in Japan. Terry was a Phase Linear veteran and now works at Rane Corporation (see the Links page). Here are his comments on the P- Series speakers shown in the brochure photo here:

The "P" series speakers were from the Pioneer "Exclusive" line of the late 70s. As far as I know that line was only available in Japan until we brought them in with walnut veneer rather than the rosewood veneer that the "Exclusive" line featured. In addition we added a fuse to the

"The top-line was the P580 with ribbon tweeters, special midrange and 15" woofer. The next down, the P560 had the same ribbons, conventional mid and 12" woofer. The P530, which I have a pair of in my office at Rane was conventional all the way through.

"I still use the prototype pair we brought in from Japan in their original rosewood finish. They have a ribbon tweeter and a very clever midrange. The ribbon is still available from TAD, the pro speaker arm of Pioneer for $750.00 each."

Here are some photos of the original top of the line Pioneer Exclusive speaker, which was the basis for the P580 , owned by Terrry Pennington. (All color photos courtesy Terry Pennington.)


Closeup of  mid-range                                              Closeup of ribbon tweeter

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